Frequently asked questions 

1. Who can apply? 

PhD students and Post-docs (provided no more than three years passed since completion of the PhD) are welcome to apply. For now, we are aiming to have a mix of speakers from around the UK, Europe, and Brazil.

2. How quickly will I know if I am selected to speak?

Typically we will let you know 2-3 weeks after the call for applications has closed. If there are any changes to this we will let you know, or make an announcement. 

3. How long should the talk be?

The talks should be approximately 20-30 minutes in length, including time left for questions. We aim to have two speakers a session, however this is subject to change.

4. What is the audience I am presenting to? 

You will be presenting to students (PhD and Masters) and junior Post-docs from the Institute of Microbiology and Infection. While they will all be in the field of Microbiology, everyone's background and expertise is different so it is a good idea to keep the talks broad and easily understandable to a diverse audience. 

5. Are my travel expenses covered?

Travel expenses to University of Birmingham and accommodation, should you require it, will be provided. (3 nights accommodation provided for speakers travelling from Brazil)

6. Is there an award for the best talk? 

The award changes from year to year, but in general the aim is the have the winner of the best talk present at a conference. For example, last year the winner presented at the M4 meeting. 

7. Can i come and listen to the talks? 

The seminar is open to Masters students, PhD students and junior Post-docs from the Institute of Microbiology and Infection and anyone from the Birmingham Universities that is interested in Microbiology.

For more information you can contact us here.