junior awards for microbiology are a monthly junior seminar series aimed at integrating and connecting young researchers around EUROPE. 

Each month Two new junior researchers will be invited to present their work in a relaxed, friendly environment and in an exciting and engaging way. 

Currently, JAM talks 2018/2019 will be held in the Institute for microbiology and infection (IMI) at the University of Birmingham. 

Reasons to apply: 

  • Boasting over 40 principal investigators the IMI hosts the largest cohort of Microbiologists in Europe, placing the JAM talks in the heart of microbiology.
  • JAM speakers will be given a tour of the IMI and the opportunity to be introduced to many group leaders, thus making the JAMs a perfect opportunity to network and find your next Post-doc, fellow or lecturer position.
  • The JAM talks are the only young researcher awards peer reviewed by other young researchers. This fosters a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, encouraging questions, discussions, collaborations and fun.

  • Successful candidates will have travel, accommodation and food provided for by the JAM committee. 
  • If you are still not convinced - check out Rebecca's blog post about her experience speaking at the JAM talks in April 2018 


If  you have any questions or your University wants to get involved and/or host a JAM session please email thejamtalks@gmail.com